[Sarenity Apparel Tattoo & Piercing]

[Sarenity Apparel Tattoo & Piercing]

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Tattoos by Jonathon Anderson
Tattoos by Jabbin Jenn
Tattoos by Larissa Surline
Tattoos by Kurt Ross

We are a team of highly skilled, highly trained and extremely passionate body modification practitioners. Everyone working together to ensure every procedure is clean, safe and top quality. We accept cash(US) & most credit/debit cards. We are primarily an appointment only studio, however if the opportunity arises we will try our best to fit in walk-ins, so feel free to call or stop in. We charge an hourly rate and have discounts available for large work. Our talented artists offer free consultations for our clients.Have an Idea? Come see us and make your dream a reality. We also have a very talented Body Piercing staff & use top quality materials to ensure the best tattoo or piercing for you!



Sarenity Apparel, Tattoo & Piercing: Fort Gratiot, MI

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