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Tattoos by Jonathon Anderson Tattoos by Jabbin Jenn Tattoos by Robby Soulliere Tattoos by Larissa Surline

We're an independently operated and fully licensed tattoo parlor located in Michigans Blue Water Area. We are a collaboration of award winning artists that specialize in every aspect of tattooing and piercing. Each of our artists have many years of experience in the field and have all managed or worked for different shops around Michigan. Our artists have apprenticeship opportunities available for a reasonable rate. We also offer some of the best body modification rates in town. We deal direct with our clients so both our artists and clients are happy.

We give our clients documentation on proper tattoo maintenance to ensure they heal properly and limit the amount of retouching necessary. The more ink under your skin, the better it shows up and longer it lasts. Your black colors can become darker and your colors can become brighter.

Sarenity Apparel, Tattoo & Piercing: Fort Gratiot, MI